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Family Resources

Massachusetts General Hospital Cancer Center
PACT (Parenting at a Challenging Time) 
Check here for resources for parenting while living with a serious illness. The site includes materials to help your children cope, tips for communicating with your children and many other areas of interest or concern.

Visit LiveStrong at School’s FAMILY CORNER on Scholastic Website
Find a wealth of information here with many resources for parents. Download an activity booklet featuring ARTHUR (When Someone You Know Has Cancer), in English and Spanish. There are also free teacher resources (K-12) with lessons and printables. Grades K-2 provides lessons in Getting Sick, Helping, Feelings and Acts of Kindness. 


Leukemia & Lymphoma Society has a wealth of resources for young families, since blood cancers affect all ages. Click here for information.  

For talking to children about cancer, see


Numerous other resources are available through many organizations. Also, see Stand Up to Cancer.


Teachers and Parents

Click the links to activity ideas:

Draw a picture of yourself or someone else taking Mooshu for a walk:

coloring page1

coloring page 2

Writing and drawing activities for children on various levels:

tic tac toe page

Teacher's Guide to Empathy from;

reproduction permitted for individual classroom use.

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