Mooshu Worries

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The manuscript for Mooshu Worries is 371 words.

This story speaks to young children ages 3 - 8 with a close family member who is very ill. Looking at the world through a beloved pet dog's eyes provides comfort and understanding of what is happening all around and inside, without being too close and painful. There are elements of compassion, and Mooshu even has a dog friend who is sharing a similar experience. 

Illustrations portray the family as racially ambiguous and the child as gender-neutral, to be widely read, accessible and appreciated.  Hospitals, doctors and counselors' offices, school libraries and children's homes await this needed addition. 

The second book, Delivery! (503 words) is waiting to be published. It begins with Jackie and Mooshu missing the awesome smells coming from the kitchen.  They help connect with friends and family who find a way to provide help, comfort and nourishment to the whole family-- and the good food smells return.